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  • Sand Blasted Signs

    Sandblasted signs are constructed out of western red cedar wood, HDU (High Density Urethane) or Extira, a treated wood composite  All materials are built to last in all weather conditions, but each one has unique attributes that will determine the life and durability of your new sign.

    Western Red Cedar – Offers a one of a kind wood grain finish when sandblasted and can be CNC routed for recessed lettering.  Signs made from cedar are easily repaired or repainted if damaged after years of use and is considered a “green product” and renewable resource.  This material is recommended for “high traffic” areas or for freestanding signs

    High Density Urethane (HDU) – Can also be sandblasted or CNC routed with the blasted finish as an imitation woodgrain or pebble finish.  HDU painted surfaces will hold paint better and will not chip or crack.  It will not absorb water, which eliminates the concerns of rotting over time.  HDU is lightweight and recommended for “low traffic” areas and wall mounted applications.  An aluminum or wood backer can be added to the HDU sign for support in freestanding signs or high traffic areas.

    Extira – Composed of wood fiber, phenolic resins, zinc borate and repellents to form a thick fiber mat.  Extira is 90% wood.  It can be sandblasted or routed and will resist splitting, cracking, rot, moisture and termites.  It is a heavy material and suitable for “high traffic” and freestanding applications.

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